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That Time I Gave A Fuck

Remember way back when,
I used to give a fuck?
Remember that time I said,
There was no such thing as bad luck?

I loved you dear friend,
Your smile did me good.
The precious gift of life,
I thought we understood.

No, I never hoped to be lovers,
For those of you that ask.
I simply dreamt of being close friends,
But clearly, that proved too inconvenient a task.

I cared for you. Gave of me.
Again and again I chose to give a fuck.
Sometimes I went the second mile,
But I guess all you saw in me was one funny duck.

Somewhere along the way,
I changed. I realized that during comfort,
Or fun sprees, were the times you’d actually show up.
Only to run at the first sign of tears or discomfort.

Today, as I look back,
I wonder why I bothered giving a fuck,
Because darling, the truth is,
You suck.

— “That Time I Gave A Fuck” 10/19/2014

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