Why Hipster?

The name and theme for this blog came about thanks to equal parts irony, snark, and an utter lack of imagination.

Allow me to elaborate on that.


 The OWL Part…

Once upon a time, collecting owl stuff became insanely viral. Around that time in history, this blogger made the FATAL MISTAKE of buying a tiny owl pillow. It was a complete impulse buy, mostly because it was the only cheap decorative pillow I could find for my dorm room. Lo and behold, a picture on Facebook of that single purchase somehow led every single person in my life to assume I loved the shit out of owl decor.

Next thing I know, my sister was sending me owl candles, an owl purse, etc. My friends would send me pics of owl decor they found on Pinterest and say, “Oh! This is SO you!” My roommate give me an owl t-shirt. A work acquaintance gave me owl earrings.

I was pissed. I got tired of constantly explaining I did NOT collect owl decor. I gave up. I decided to accept the inevitable.

Owl decor was destined to be a part of my life.



The Bookcase Part…

This should be fairly obvious. I mean come on…what kind of a bookworm doesn’t romanticize about every conceivable way they could design a bookcase?

I mean there’s this…

piano bookcase

tardis bookcase









And not to mention EVERY (and I DO mean EVERY) book lover’s end goal…











The Hipster Part…

Because I live in Seattle? Land of le hipsters? *sigh*


Put them together and what do you get? 

A cute little owl with ridiculously large glasses that looks totes hipster. (What is more hipster than an owl in large frames, pray tell?) Plus a symbolic reference of a bookcase, representing that one piece of furniture that all book bloggers and readers have in common.

So as you can see, I wasn’t lying. I literally couldn’t think of anything else to name my snarky blog.

The name and theme for this blog did indeed come about thanks to equal parts irony, snark, and an utter lack of imagination.

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