Quotes & Their Covers

Quotes & Their Covers

I’ve come across some delicious reads this past month and felt like sharing some memorable quotes along with the covers that grace them.


How to Eat a Cupcake

When I was young, I always thought (my mom) seemed very shy…Now I realize she was just a kid herself. A kid trying to navigate a new country, a new language, motherhood, being an employee. Can you imagine?”   ~Annie

“Outside of (work), Annie’s sarcasm was like a coat of armor protecting a woman who seemed a bit adrift in the world; here, in the kitchen, she was completely at ease, brimming with confidence, happiness, and admirable competency.”    ~Julia

“Your mother’s mind is a mysterious place.”    ~Wes

I probably should have been used to the humiliation of breaking up, of losing pieces of myself to the wrong guy, but the act never lost its sting.”   ~Annie

But really…what serious member of society has time for weekly nail appointments?”   ~Annie



The Diviners


“She’d had to lie about her name, her history, her age, but everyone did. It was what she loved about the city–you could be anyone you wanted to be.”

“The song was a lie, a shiny bauble meant to distract people from their cares and woes. But they’d all agreed silently to be blinded by it… Henry banged on the keys, and Theta sang for all she was worth. They kept the lie going, and the people loved it.”






“Either you intrinsically understand the attraction of searching for hidden treasure amongst rows of dusty shelves or you don’t;   it’s a passion bordering on a spiritual illness, which cannot be explained to the unafflicted.”

“Elegance may be in the details, but my situation appears to be a little more serious than that. Clearly, drastic action is needed.”

“They (therapists) always want to know why; there’s really not much difference between a therapist and a four-year-old.”



Hope you enjoyed!

I have always preferred books that discuss the trials women face in coming to terms with themselves. Of accepting the past and being brave enough to move on. Of pursuing beauty, and not being ashamed of  admiring dainty things.

And if the author is graced with the  gift of wit, who am I to put down the book? 😉

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