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7 Egotistical Facts About Me

all about me

Well, that might be a wee bit egotistical. Maybe.

But in any case, I hosted a short “7 Fantastical Facts About Me” on my other blog, Parasol Dreams, and thought it might be fun to share it on here too for my other readers. 😉

I always love getting to know random, little known facts about my favorite bloggers. Here’s to hoping you enjoy getting to know me a little better too. 😀   Cheers !!



Egotistical Fact #1:

I am originally from Mexico, and around 13 moves later, am happily settled in Seattle, a lovely American port city. (Yes, I speak Spanish fluently. It’s my first language. And in case you were wondering, learning English was a divine pain in the petunias.)


Egotistical Fact #2:

I cannot live without books, color, art prints, music, and a laptop to store all my stories, poems, and novels. More specifically…

In the book department:   I adore women’s fiction, 18th century literature, and children’s books.

In the color department:   I’m in love with red, yellow, rose pink, and mint green.

In the art print department: I like prints based off famous paintings (such as Starry Night), or illustrations of animals such as horses and peacocks.

In the music department:  I lean towards movies/theater play soundtracks (such as Broadway’s Phantom of the Opera and Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland),   jazz artists (such as Michael Bublé and Kenny G.), and deep majestic voices (such as Florence + the Machine).  Oldies and 80′s music always welcome as well.  ;)

In the laptop department: MUST HAVE INTERNET !! I cannot do research for my personal writing without all-knowing Google.   And blogging cannot be performed by smoke signals.


Egotistical Fact #3:

Beach over mountain hiking anytime.


Egotistical Fact #4:

I wrote a civil war historical novel  at 8-years of age and a supernatural trilogy at 18. I have no life.


Egotistical Fact #5:

I hate it when people cannot go sight-seeing on a spur of the moment type of thing. If you need 72-hours in advance to schedule out every minute of our vacation, I will leave you in the hotel room and take a tour bus by myself.


Egotistical Fact #6:

People with no passion or dreams in life disappoint me. I don’t care if you have the most boring hobby in the planet or a fairly simplistic/realistic dream, but please DO SOMETHING WITH YOUR LIFE.    (Talking about said hobby/dream doesn’t count. You must be actively pursuing it to some degree.)

You’ll be doing yourself and me a favor.  ( But mostly me, because I won’t be subjected to your whining. :D )


Egotistical Fact #7: 

It has taken me a lifetime to perfect the fine art of snark. I only use it with people I truly love and trust. Then again, I might use it on unsuspecting victims as well. Basically, no one is safe from my charm. ;)

You like? 😀   If so, you should totally host 7 egotistical facts about yourself on your own blog! I will be only too glad to read and enjoy as well. 😉

5 thoughts on “7 Egotistical Facts About Me

  1. I’m reasonably certain I could type out your Civil War epic with an acceptable degree of accuracy. Would you like me to? Or if you prefer, I can upload some of the major highlights. 😉

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