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Sneak Peaks: Out of the Easy


As I mentioned in this post, I recently acquired this book.


The beginning was captivating with this as the opening lines:

“My mother’s a prostitute. Not the filthy, street walking kind. She’s actually quite pretty, fairly well spoken, and has lovely clothes. But she sleeps with men for money or gifts, and according to the dictionary, that makes her a prostitute.”


The author starts off displaying a vibrant choice of words and color. It almost took my breath away. But after I got one third into the book, I realized there wasn’t enough plot to keep me going. Sadly, this is my usual complaint of most of today’s YA novels. Argghhh….

But this post is merely a sneak peak into my favorite quotes of the book. I may write a review later. Not sure. If you want a quick synopsis, you can read that here.

“What would Charlotte think if I told her the truth? That my mother was a prostitute, that I didn’t know who my father was, that most men scared me, so I created make-believe dads…”

Ouch. I know. Plot-less and drawn out as this book may be, at least the author portrays the emotions of  fatherless teenagers fairly well.

This next line made me shiver. I love it when authors can do that!

“Charlie Marlowe never wrote horror, but somehow horror was writing Charlie Marlowe.”

Here’s yet another line that reached out to my heart:

“Sometimes we set off down a road thinkin’ we’re goin’ one place and we end up another. But that’s okay. The important thing is to start.”

Thank goodness for at least one quote that doesn’t make me bawl. 😉



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