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“I never knew what hunger meant before…”

mujer_llorando“I never knew what hunger meant before.

I used to think hunger was that ache you got when you missed breakfast because you were running late to work. A stress relief one succumbed to when having a bad day. Or maybe that sudden craving for mac and cheese after waking up at ungodly hours of the night.

But I was wrong.

Hunger is stealing bits of food from your co-worker’s lunches in the break room while you hope no one notices. Hunger is skulking inside big ass churches because you know they will offer coffee and donuts as refreshments after Sunday school. Hunger is gorging yourself at a friend’s house because you know you don’t have grocery money for the next three days. Hunger is spending what should be your rent money on food, while you hope your landlady delays another week in cashing your rent check.

In retrospect, I suspect few people know what actual hunger is…”

Welcome to a new section of the blog: Alejandra’s Scribbles! 😉  I will be showcasing bits of my writing.

This is the first chapter of a novel I’m working on.  I will be discussing the topics of child abuse and teenagers running away from home . I have chosen to write the female protagonist in her late teenage years because abused children do not often realize that what they lived was abuse until much later.

To give you some background, the teenage protagonist ran away from home and has been trying to make her way in the world. Her story is crazy, yet based on bits of real life. Some of those bits are inspired from amazing individuals I have had the honor to meet across the years.

I cannot and will not mention any names, but believe me when I tell you that I am telling the story for those who cannot speak for themselves. Perhaps because they are afraid no one would believe them. Or perhaps because it is not yet their time.

7 thoughts on ““I never knew what hunger meant before…”

  1. hey alejandra! thank you for your lovely comment doll. i was watching tv and hunger is now a problem on college campuses. many are opening food banks because students can’t afford to buy food. it’s so sad! so many people are hungry and it’s uncalled for. there’s plenty of food for everyone.

    • That really breaks my heart. I used to believe there was only hunger in third world countries, but I soon learned that was ignorant of me to think so. There is so much need in this world, even amongst those around us, that we may never know.

  2. I agree few people would know what hunger actually is. I was so, so starving as a teenager, STARVING. And then I starved myself so there was no more disappointment opening the cupboards on nothing but dad’s beer. Then I gorged myself at friends’ houses, loathed myself & vomitted it up etc etc ETC!!

    I enjoyed this. It’s good to contemplate we are really so rich, to not be starving.

    • I’m sorry to hear about that. 😦 I understand you a bit since I too know from personal experience what starving feels like. My growing up was not ideal either.

      But I am so glad to hear from someone else who understands this concept, and to hear that you enjoyed my writing. Thank you. We really are so rich to not be starving anymore.

  3. This was an amazing excerpt!

    When I read the title of this post, I had a few assumptions of what might follow in your excerpt (i.e. missing a meal, as you wrote), BUT, once I began reading I loved how you illustrated hunger in such a different way. I’m curious now about this narrator.

    Readerly Hunger is when you want to read more but can’t.

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